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Institute of Plant Protection Research "Agrihorts" of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. The Institute launched in January 2019, taking over scientific functions from “Latvian Plant Protection Research Center”. Agrihorts continues to conduct scientific and practical research in the field of plant protection based on many years of experience. The employees of the institute are experienced plant protection specialists who carry out research within the framework of state-funded projects, participate in international research projects, as well as actively cooperate with farmers, looking for solutions to control harmful organisms in various crops. The research directions of the Institute are focusing on the research of useful organisms in agriculture, the development of new plant protection technologies and the research of resistance and residue of plant protection products.

Areas of specialization:

1. Adaptation of plant protection products and methods to Latvian conditions.
2. Development of new plant protection technologies.
3. Basic and applied research in agriculture.

Research areas of the Agrihorts: 

1. Research and control of harmful organisms in integrated and organic farming.
2. Research on useful organisms in agriculture.
3. Development of new technological solutions in plant protection.
4. Sustainable use of plant protection products.


Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Institute of Plant Protection Research “Agrihorts”
Paula Lejiņa iela 2, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvija
Mob.: 29740492
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Legal information:
Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
Registration Nr. 90000041898

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