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Use of growth regulator in apple orchards

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Sustainable use of plant protection products

Project description


To specify the effect of plant growth regulator on the fruit yield of apple-flower bud formation. There are a number of apple varieties, of which fruit is of good quality and suitable for commercial cultivation, but the peculiarities of the tree crown do not allow to obtain a sufficiently large yield - the yield is mainly on the periphery, "naked" branches without fruit branches ("Saltan", "Aļesje," "Bohēmija", "Alva"). The plant growth regulator Regalis plus has been registered in Latvia for apples, during the project the most effective application - doses and time of use will be obtained. The second purpose of using a plant growth regulator will be to inhibit the growth of annual shoots after intensive crown renewal in older plantations (10-15 years).


1. Experiments on flower bud development and crown restoration - to prepare a precise methodology for conducting experiments on farms and what observations to make. Periodically visit experiment fields and make observations. Analysis of the obtained results;

2. To prepare a summary of information about the research results;

3. Organize field days and seminars for gardeners.

Submitted on: Tue, 02/16/2021 - 13:49