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Yellow rust (caused by Puccinia striiformis) racial distribution in Latvia and possibilities of control its devastation

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Researches of the interaction between yellow rust and different wheat varieties
Wheat diseases
Plant diseases
Harmful organisms

Project description

Project “Yellow rust” (caus. Puccinia striiformis, Wes.) racial distribution in Latvia and measures to limit its devastation are conducted in the greenhouse, testing the resistance of wheat varieties grown in Latvia to one of the most postponed wheat diseases – yellow rust, as well as identifying the Puccinia striiformis race in Latvia with the help of the phenotyping method. In parallel to the work in the greenhouse throughout Latvia, the leaves of the Puccinia striiformis intermaster's common barbell Berberis vulgaris are harvested with rust signs and the identification of the Puccinia species is carried out.

Within the framework of the project, samples of oat seedlings and seeds with signs of diseases are collected from organic and integrated farms in Latvia, and initial identification of pathogens is performed.

Submitted on: Fri, 02/12/2021 - 13:03